Mini vase from the former saucerss

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We need:

– The glass base. In my bins showed here is a bubble out of the sauce without the lid, you can choose any glass substrate.

– Stained glass paints, in this tutorial I used a solvent-based Marabu on two shades of green. – The contours of the glass and ceramics, copper and gold.

– Paint with the mother of pearl, in this case, Kompozit Metallic.

– Threads Acrylic

– Thin brush

– A piece of foam

– Double-sided tape

– Auxiliary materials: solvent, scissors, pencil, wipes, cotton buds.



For a start it is necessary to degrease the vase, this wipes it with solvents, such as acetone or white spirit. Draw on a piece of paper. No need to pick out all the veins and stalks, we need only the foundation, everything else we then circuit.


Cut strips of paper with painted leaves and glue to the tape. It can be done differently: first, cut paper, glued to the tape and have it draw.


Now you need to cut the leaves on a path. To this end, we, holding one hand to the edge of the adhesive tape stuck on it paper, carefully manicure scissors cut out the leaves. Remember that stalks us is not needed, so these small details, we do not touch.


Glue the cut leaves to the vessel.


Take paralog dunk in the paint and paint the entire surface. Painting wrought ┬álays down exactly, and it’s minimum flow. Paints Kompozit Metallic have pearlescent well fall on any surface without priming. You can also use paint from Frost design Hobbyline, they have a matte translucent structure.


A little advice: when painting, if you want something to hide a table, use the file instead of paper. Newspaper can your freshly painted work.


Once the paint is completely dry (for different manufacturers different drying period, the average is one to two hours) to gently peel the tape with leaves. You can help yourself with a knife stationery, of Scotch hooking edge. If irregularities are obtained at the edges, do not worry, we will then hide them under the loop.


Outline Draws the edges of leaves, I took two colors – gold and bronze. Large leaves, I trace the gold, small – bronze. If you accidentally smear superfluous circuit can wipe with a cotton swab until it dried up, or fix a toothpick, but only on the glass, stained paint on a toothpick better, not scratch. At this stage, it is possible to finish the missing cuttings to look at the whole picture, and the veins in the leaves, we will draw in the end.




We give contours to dry for 20 minutes, then fill with their stained glass paints. I Marabu paint solvent-based, green to golden contour and marsh – for the bronze. With flowers, you can experiment, as long as they are combined with the base color. The thin brush takes a drop of paint and drips into the middle of the leaf, then, not wiping, brush tip allow paint to the contour edges. Try not to creep on the circuit and not leave gaps.


After the paint dries, draw the contours of the veins.






In order to emphasize I decorated vase conventional two-color acrylic thread green. It is necessary to lubricate the part PVA glue, to which will be glued and wound thread, holding the finger.


All vase ready!


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