How to make beautiful kite

Make a unique beautiful kite , and the children put together a kite . Just paper, wood, and rope can be made in the sky flying a kite . For children, this is a perfect process, is to teach them to design and measure a good way.


Materials Please note: .  kite is perfect because it is very light, water is difficult to tear, you can do with it.  some of the letters are to do with it, the next time you receive mail, save it, can be used to make a kite ! You can also try to paper or plastic shopping bags to make a kite .


Materials / Tools:

paper, string, tape, straws, cardboard, pencils, scissors, ruler, punch, stapler, paper wrinkle tail

Step process:

1, according to the proportion of the template shown below, with a pencil and ruler in  paper to draw your kite pattern, you can adjust the template to scale to fit the paper size you are using.






2, cut out the kite shape

3, strengthening your kite tape

4, with the drilling machine on the template from the farthest corners of each play two holes to be used to wearing rope.

5, one end of the pipette is inserted into one end of another straw to enable them to work closely together on it, you need to match the length of the combination straw kite length. Repeat this process, so that you have two straw “stick”, and then fixed two positions.

6, start adding the tail! Crop crepe paper with staples set at kite bottom.

7, cut a kite twice as wide as the reins. After the reins through the hole in a knot on one side and repeat the above action.

8, cut flying rope length you want, depending on what you consider kite fly how high the required length. In the middle of cardboard cut a notch in the flying rope wrapped around the cardboard, leaving the final period of forty centimeters free rope.

9, in the middle of doing a loop, reins child, and now the flying rope through the loop.




finished! You can also the kite attached to some of the above patterns, to decorate your kite .



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