How to make beaded grapes

This beautiful work of beads


Materials required for the work

– Beads blue №10
– №10 Beads green
– Copper wire, or under color beads 0.3 mm in diameter
– Thick wire 1-1.5 mm in diameter for the frame
– Cutters, Scissors
– Green thread for winding stems and blue for packing fruit
– green floral tape

Weave grapes


Berries should be voluminous, this it can be woven using the French technique of weaving with a plurality of axes. Cut wire 4 about 25-30 cm, twists them together into a bundle by means of operating wire, which should be as long. Now, guided by the visual picture start weaving. Gaining labor bead wire 1, do turn around short axis, again gains 1 bead, make a turn around the next axis and so on


In the course of the work, increase the number of beads in the ranks so that the increase was uniform and without gaps between the beads and wire. Once you weave 5 series you should get this cap – photo 7. Now watch the size of a grape, pulls together a number of too much not add, forming the shape of a ball. After a 6-7 start to the second-row decrease, but of course, it depends on your ideas and desired size.

Before much-narrowed opening, do not forget to fill berry blue thread in the color of the beads. When the grape is woven, twist the ends of the wires and wrap green thread. Glue PVA glue to fix the winding.

Grapes tendrils


Cut the two wires, twist together making the shape of a slingshot, wrap the green thread and screw the ends of the handle or a thick needle, thus forming the curls. Make several of these antennae, preferably so that they are different from each other, as shown in the photo above on the right. The author turned out as they live!

Grape leaves

grape leaf weave pretty hard on this if you do not have experience in the weaving of such works, it is best to practice on simpler jobs.


Cut the green wire of maximum length, put 4 green beads, three beads back and tighten so that you have turned the main axis of 20 cm, and the rest went to the length of the working end. Now around the main loop make number, type in the working end of the desired number of beads, go around the central row and make a revolution around the central row at the base (photo 2).

This list is lagging steps. Recruit 5 beads, cling center leaf (photo 3), make turnover recruit 7 beads and back down to the base of the leaf, making the turnover and similarly form a stage on the other side (photos 4-5). When the three stages weave sheet, do the nib. To do this, you need to get more beads, form a cusp (photos 7-8) and back to the base. Repeat the second side.


Continue braiding grape leaf bead on this principle. Each subsequent lower row is wider than the previous (photos 10-13), but when it is ready with yet another series of spikes, then you need to start the reduction of the leaf (photos 14-15). Having carefully considered the above photo, you will be able to repeat the weave.


Getting left the side of the sheet. Weave half way, as shown in Photo 16 and attach it to the edge of the center of the finished sheet. Continue braiding leaf clinging to the edge of the leaf (photo 17 of 20) to the end. Repeat the same with the other hand


Now you need to complete the list, for this, you need to weave the two halves such as shown in picture 25 and to the lower edges of the grape leaf. To hold a massive sheet form from a thick wire necessary to make the frame. Wrap the threads of its green (Photo 27), and then secure it with the back of the sheet (


You can weave the leaves and smaller using the second method in which the cage is woven directly in the course of the work, as shown in the photo 31-32. And so all the subsequent half of the leaf. Below are two photos you see the finished version. On the right frame attached and to the left with a woven.


Great idea and unusual techniques we see in this work. Many thanks to Tatiana for a detailed master class, which will be useful to many!



Grapes may lie bunch in a vase or to decorate your home in the form of a small tree.


I wish you all good luck and creative ideas


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