Watermelon Candles

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If you do watermelon candles step by step and get a nice piece of decoration you will still hold a great activity to spend your time in a playful manner.


How to Make Watermelon Candles

To make this craft you will need:

1.Wax candle;
2.Pigments for candle wax;
3.Containers that can go to the fire;
4.Wick candle;
5.Ask to hold the wick in the holder;
6.Essence and watermelon;
7.Pliers with cutting;
8.Paint craft with black and tube format;
9.candle holder with the model, color, size and style of your own, but it is plastic or paper, so you withdraw later.

Start separating all the materials you will use in your craft. Then melt the candle to wax in a double boiler.


Then remove the wax from the heat and add the green pigment.


Soon after, place the wick candle into the holder to chosen candle using a small piece of your own to hold the wick centrally in the candle support.


Now, pour the already green wax within the media chosen and add the essence of watermelon.


Then, when the green wax dry, pour a little wax without pigment, to become white at the end. Then when this part is dry pour the red wax.


Soon after, when the wax is already completely dry, cut the excess wick, with the help of cutting pliers.


Now, remove the chosen support that is around your candle.


Then to finish your piece, draw the watermelon seeds across the red part of sailing, with the help of paint tube with black. And you are done!


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