Vase of Flowers Made of Glass Step by Step

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Put your creativity to work making flower pot made of glass , to redecorate their environments.


Glass Made Flower Vase model

To do this different and beautiful craft you will need:

Glass cup with the model and size you prefer;
common brush;
Fabric of your choice with the color or pattern of your choice too;
Tape your preference with the color, style, model or pattern also of your choice;
Measuring tape;
Scissors for fabric;
common white glue.
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Step by Step Vase of Flowers Made of Glass

Start separating all the materials you will use in your craft.


Then measure the size of your cup and pass the measure to the fabric chosen, but with the left size of two fingers on the lower body.


Soon after, apply the common white glue around the glass with the aid of the common brush.


Now start encasing the glass with a piece of fabric cut above.


Then so reupholster all the glass, bend very well the tissue left in the cup bottom and apply a lot of common white glue. Let dry thoroughly.


Soon after, measure the size of the cup rim, pass this measure for the chosen tape, cut and paste this piece of tape around the cup rim. Apply too much glue. Let dry. If you want, make a loop with another piece of tape.


Now, to finish your piece, if you want to paste the loop on the glass edge. And you are done!



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