Painted photo frames in the technique of stained glass

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Glass Painting in the technique of stained glass at first glance so complicated. The main thing – well-chosen pattern and move it on tracing paper, and then the hands themselves will create and paint. Let us step by step look at how you can paint the frame in stained glass technique.


To work you will need:

1.Any alcohol-containing liquid
2.stained paint
3.stationery knife frame
5.cotton pads
6.brushes 00, 0, 1
9.tracing paper
1. Mark the dimensions on vellum frames and put on her drawing – the sketch is ready.


2. Stationary knife, cut into four strips so that no distortions stick figure on the photo frame.




3. Glue the picture on the outside of the frame with a brush dipped in water. Tracing paper dries very quickly, and if you do not draw the circuit very quickly, it would be better to stick the tracing paper with white glue diluted with water. However, after that, I will have to suffer from the peel-off sketch, but it eliminates the frequent wetting tracings wet brush.


4. Degrease the surface and apply a loop. First, tracing the perimeter of space for photos. Then circle the perimeter contour of the entire frame. Then proceed directly to the very sketch. Thus it is necessary to limit the drawing area.


5. When the outline of the frame is ready, stationery knife cut all curves and sloppy line.


6. Proceed to fill colors contour. Note paints the land – it must be in a horizontal position. You can substitute a can of paint.




Our photo frame is ready!


You can not dwell on it, and go on using reverse decoupage method: paint the back of the outline color. Carefully paint silver paint pattern. Previous paint layer must dry thoroughly – not less than one day.
So now our frame finally ready to give us a happy mood and aesthetic pleasure!


Thanks for lesson creativity

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