Felt butterflies step by step with mold

In this post, you learn how to create very creative brooches and that can bring more joy to your days. You can create them in various colors and sizes, leaving everyone speechless with its resourcefulness in this beautiful making crafts. Hold the bag in your backpack or even in your clothes. Remember that you can still use this Borboletinha in felt to create a hair clip too!


See what you’ll need
– Felt in two colors that match
– Black Felt
– buttons that match the first two felts
– metallic brooch or hair clip
– Thread and needle
– Scissors

Step by step



Cut a piece of felt on the main color in the shape of a butterfly. You should make a template by drawing a butterfly on a paper.


Now, after more cut 4 felt circles of the second color. They will have to be slightly larger than the buttons.At the end, you will cut an oval strip to the throttle body from the center in black.


Sew the circles in the butterfly just as you see in the image. Then do the stitching black center. Finally, you will sew a button on each circle and a metal brooch on the back.




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