Cushion with Rose Fabric

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Their seats or upholstery will be much more comfortable and charming if you pad with pink fabric which can be made with fabric with color or print and your preference.


To make this beautiful pad you will need:

1.Fabric with the color of your choice;
3.Cover for pillow you prefer;
4.Hot glue pistol.

Start cutting strips on the chosen fabric, the width of the strip with an average measured 2 cm.


Then, apply a dab of hot glue on the front of the cushion cover where you want to be the center of his stylized rose and made with fabric strips. In this example, the rose core is positioned further to the right and bottom side, but you can position the core of her pink where you want, as in the center, for example. And glue the end of a fabric strip, but with the strip twisted and bent,  sinuous movements, simulating natural rose petals.


Soon after, follow by gluing the fabric strips in the same way, namely by twisting and bending the strip to create meandering movements and pasting a turn of the fabric strip right next to the other, not to display the background color, the color of a pillow case that you are using.


Now, when you need to make an amendment in strips, apply hot glue on the tip that left and twists and bend along with the end of the new strip you are using, doing a good finish on the amendment.


Then to finish your piece, just make a beautiful finish with the end of the last strip of fabric you use. And you are done!




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