Crocuses from foamier ana become pleasant gift on March 8. This spring flower appears one of the first and symbolizes spring and the awakening from winter. No wonder that every day there are more and more options to the production of this flower from a variety of materials.


Materials: Foamiran white, yellow, lilac (only one color can be used), green, orange Scissors Glue gun Wire Toothpick Iron Basket (optional) teip feed for


To start with the color. I decided to make them available in two colors: yellow and white. Very nice look purple, but this color was not and did not want to paint yourself in my stocks. 1 For the flower needs to be done 6 petals and three midway.

From cardboard or paper cut petal pattern and attach foamier ana circle the toothpicks and cut petals. For the seredinok need to draw the pattern of triangular shape, cut blanks, and then make the top of the small incisions (a fringe).


Preparations for sere din ok are putting to the iron and then rolled and sizing detail. Three blanks are glued to the wire.


The petals, too, are putting to the iron and give the maximum convex shape.


Putting crocus: glue three petals around the midway, and then another three petals in a checkerboard pattern.




If you do not wire the green, it’s time to wrap it teip green-belt.

Also from foamier ana green cut a small strip (on the similarity of grass) and glued to the flower stalk.


This crocus from foamier ana ready and can only think of how to arrange them. I put them in a small basket from the newspapers, and if you do not know how to weave, you can buy ready-made from the vine, or make it from another material itself. A nice way of manufacturing baskets from scrap materials presented in the only capacity is better to take a little more size (cut plastic bottle or take a jar of coffee).


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