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Hello, dear and beloved readers! Not far off the winter, and with it the New Year and Christmas holidays! And, as we know, no holiday is complete without gifts, big very big lots of gifts! For the most part, we’re all people are creating and creating, so that the problems with “what to give?”, Should not arise. But the question “What to give?” many are still relevant. Therefore, I open the New Year series of lessons on the gift box of paper, cardboard, plastic and other available tools.

Lessons based on the principle of simple to more complex, so any user could choose that easier and more convenient to do to him. Also, in these lessons will be affected by the art of scrapbooking  , disclosed the basic terms and techniques instrumental. And we’ll start with the most simple in the manufacture of the packaging – the box-pads.
So, to make the so-called pillow box – a box-pad
protective covering for the table (it can be a special mat, a piece of linoleum or hard cardboard)
paper or cardboard
ruler, scissors, pencil
paper cutter (which may be an ordinary stationery knife poster, etc.)
 old pen
round object as a stencil
double sided tape or glue
as decorative elements – Eyelets and ribbon


The paper, which I have chosen for this box, has a size of 21.5 * 28 cm, which is much too much for this purpose because I cut the paper in half.


One-half to procrastinate, and on the second start. We arm a pencil and a ruler and divide the paper into pieces 10 0 1.5 cm.


Then take something round, for drawing a circle. I originally planned on the role of the piece of metal can appease the HDD, but the diameter was too small, so we had to adapt the saucer.


Encircles the saucer in the place, we will have KDE  edge. As a result, should reach the following:


We put aside the pencil and take a pen, or any other thin enough, but at the same time blunt object, for punching on which we bend the edge. As a stencil – all the same platter.


We say goodbye to the plates, take the hands of the ruler and hold the handle in places fold boxes. Then a pair of scissors or a cutter cut out the unfolding. Optionally, you can cut small  valves, the better to then open. It should be borne in mind that they should be done only on one side, then to avoid discord.


In principle, at this stage, it would be possible to seal his side already, but I want to add a little decoration to look more  box. As decoration will make a bow of satin ribbon. And not to pass through it in a paper, use the grommets – is a metal cylinder with a carefully pre-bent edge, on the one hand, serve to design beautiful holes in the paper, cardboard, plastic. I used Quicklet company eyelets, they are pre-incised on the back side, so you can install them using a pen, not to spend a special installer eyelets. To set eyelets cut out small holes with a diameter of 3 mm,  grommet, turn over the paper and Fold the edge of the grommet. It looks like little stars))


Vdevaem tape, tying a bow.


Well, now you can and seal the edge. This can be done either with glue or double-sided adhesive tape (as for me, that the tape is careful). If you chose tape, the first strip the required length, glued to the paper, a good iron.


Then remove the protective film, adhesive tape remains only with the paper. Glue the second edge of the box.


Now carefully Fold the edge of the valve with semicircles Bends in the first place, that they were inside, and the entire valve – externally. Actually, the box is ready!


Thus it is possible to make boxes of all sizes, not just decorating them with ribbons, and tags, flowers, snowflakes, performing transparent windows, etc. etc. Limits of imagination, as we know, no!
Hopefully, the lesson will be useful and understandable)

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