“Owl of felt”

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I want you to please simple in execution, but very cute toy. This time will be owls, they can be so different!

Now you’re ready!


felt in different colors, a small scrap of fabric, glue cloth, adhesive gel point, thread iris, eyes for toys, decorative cord, regular and zig-zag scissors, hollow fIber, Buttons for decoration.


Pattern height of my owls – 11cm, you can change it at their discretion


We select the desired color combination of felt and cut out of it the two parts of the body, the two parts of the wings, a dual eyepiece (scissors zig-zag), the two parts of eyes another color, small triangles for ears and nose, I also added an arbitrary figure – tail and fabric cut with scissors zig-zag abdomen.


With textile, adhesive fix the wings on the rear side of the body, so that when sewing two pieces of the wings of the body being inside the allowances. On the reverse side of the back of the tail glue. Also, we glue the felt parts on the front side of the torso.


Toy eyes gel glue “Moment” ( “Second”). Part of the tissue attach to the front, stitching seam “forward needle” decorate our owl a button. Cord for hanging the owl also fix using textile glue.


To stick a needle with a thread in the cable, securing it,


Then, the front and rear parts owls with each other, and sewn toy according to the contour of the seam “forward needle”, leaving an opening for stuffing. Loose fills owl filler.


Finish the seam, we fix it in cord area. That’s all ready! Front and rear:




Picking felt different colors, you can get a whole flock of these lovely birds. Enjoy your creativity!



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