How to create a delicate sprig of mimosa

On the eve of women want to give a master class on creating branches of the spring flower – mimosa.

You will need:

– Wool kardachёs yellow;

– Sponge for felting;

– Needle Felting – asterisk №38;

– Floral wire is thin and thicker;

– Kruglozubtsy;

– A needle with a wide eye;

– A pair of scissors;

– Line;

– Adhesive (preferably gel);

– tape;

– Oil paints (optional).

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On the sponge needle felting dump balls. Do not try to do the same, in the nature of these amazing flowers are never the same. Dump balls tight enough, but without fanaticism, they should look fluffy. The number of bulbs should be large enough for every twig I settled on 14-16 Fuzzes.




A thin wire floristic filled to the eye of the needle are the bent tip of the wire and bead stringing.

Helping yourself. At a distance of 1 mm pierce the ball in the opposite direction and pull the wire.


Wire twists.


Having done so with all the balls begin to collect them in a twig with help teip feeds.


And then collect small branch in a large branch. From the number of small twigs depends on splendor and size of the branch.

During assembly, use extra wire.


Here is what you should have:


For the leaves, I used saturated green color. Pre-cut cardboard templates of different sizes.


Using a ruler and spilled toothpicks next leaf.


Carefully glued floristic wires that thicker.


Manicure scissors to cut up the base of the stalk leaves.


Then you leaves, mimosa, they have not so thickly grown. To do this, cut out leaves in one.


At the request can be protonated oil paints our linstocks.Not that they will look more natural.

I took the green grass, the British red, white.


When the leaves dry out, it is necessary between the forefinger and thumb scroll through each leaf. Here’s what happened.


I always unbearable, so I did not wait for drying, and that’s what happened with my fingers 🙂

Then, going through all the same teip feeds the entire twig with leaves completely.


Here’s what happened. By attaching a brooch base, can be decorated with a sprig of mimosa lapel outerwear, headwear, handbags

I really hope that my master class you will enjoy and will be useful.


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