Paper Basket of old magazines

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you can do different gifts: baskets, boxes, and even the original

For the product will need to be colored paper (can be any unnecessary log as I did), scissors, ruler, and free time.

Specially drawn for clarity, larger pattern pieces, which you will have to cut a lot for making crafts.


Each blank will have to lay down, as shown in the figure. First, fold in half lengthwise workpiece, then each half again in half bent inwards and we get a rim, which must also be folded in half, then each half (a little bit a few mm before reaching the midway, leave room for the convenience of the assembly, but it you will realize when you begin to gather together Circuits) has two.


cut and fold a lot, depending on what you plan to do. I took on a basket of 180 items.

Every de talk slips into the middle of another.


After inserting the item need to stretch through the first part to the tips completely popped out and came into the fold tight to the previous Circuits.


The second piece is inserted a third.


In the third quarter paste.


This continues until the workpiece will not be of such a length, which is required for the crafts.


That should look like blank. Home Circuits should be inserted only in one direction, then it turns out nice and evenly.


Here are the necessary blanks are needed for the bottom of the basket. 2 – 6 de talk 2 – 8 de talk, 2 – 10 parts, 2 – 12 parts.


This blank is needed for  our baskets. They need 3 pieces Р60 pieces.


Now we start to connect the workpiece by means of cross-linking through the slits and folds.


First, sew the bottom of all blanks, and then sew and side cover.

The last sewn handle baskets, which consists of 28 parts.

So we have already received a basket.

My kids really enjoyed helping me with the folding parts. They sat the whole family, everyone did themselves a basket for Christmas gifts .

A blank is needed for producing base on the same principle.


Now we sew the soles. To fasten the base of the side cover, and then sew the toe and fasten it to the side cover.

Now we have and sandals. I have made a needle bar.


Good luck and inspiration!

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