Easy knitted skirt

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Hello. I decided to still make the MC on the skirt of the jersey. I sewed several of these for my daughter. Most importantly just sewn and looks great. What you will need: jersey, Fleece-backed Riba (for the belt, it is possible and without it) scissors yarn machine overlong (still prefer it, then on the machine processing) Cutting. Two of the rectangle. The first yoke 11 * 58, the second 15 * 100


Next, take fleeting and cut into strips the width of 1.5-2 cm. Sizing the workpiece length.
Why did you ask? To jersey, after washing is not curled, not rolled over. This advice is read on the internet, I tried and I liked the edge twist, bent inward.Again, if desired, you can not do.


Treat the edges of my overlong me easier


Treat the side edges. That’s what I got on the wrong side


Next, the assembly of the lower tier. The line maximum. Contractible. Here is what you should have.


Further assemblage. We saw our Pris Boren Noe tied to the yoke.
You can either Naz Hiv lit and sew or pin needles in 4 places and sew accurately.
Further processing is required to heat the seam. Photos turned out not entirely successful.


Next engaged belt. I Riba, a trailing jersey. On the occasion, I bought in the store and did not regret.
You can make a belt. I will be fine.
Riba 8 * 30 cm. The edge is processed.


Sew, leaving room for the gum


Then the case for small.
Sewed belt and treat the bottom of the niche skirts. On overlock and decorative stitches.
It remains only to insert an elastic band at the waist and can be worn


Be sure to heat treatment joints. Here’s skirts are stitched is telling you.


Skirt striped smaller. Here’s to have a daughter


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