June 18, 2017 Craft


These simple “creation” look quite gracefully. Feathers can be decorated with a lot – it is your imagination … we need to manufacture: thread, wire, glue but instead rolls it

June 10, 2017 Craft

Make newspaper basket

A great project to make usable paper baskets out of recyclable newspapers, magazines, paper and so much more. Let’s not delay and get to the paper basket tutorial. I would

June 5, 2017 Craft


jute yarn (twine as it does not sound) .. with the bottom … moved to the bottom of the vase. Stepping back a distance which seemed sufficient for a picture

May 28, 2017 Craft

Simple Hand Embroidery

A simple hand embroidery using chain stitch method is explained with step by step pictures. Even beginners without experience can easily do this embroidery. Fabric Pattern of your choice Embroidery

May 27, 2017 Craft

Amphora for the garden

In anticipation of the holiday season, I realized that I desperately need to Amphora structures last summer pond. Photo session took place at home, with the active participation of a

May 24, 2017 Craft

Bouquet of dandelions thread

If you crochet or knitting needles, you probably remain unused yarn tangles. And the more you knit, the more glomeruli from threads of different textures and colors you going. First,

May 19, 2017 Craft

Egg carton wind chime

Materials required – Egg carton (12 cups), glue, newspaper, tissue paper, color, and brush, thread Steps Take out the cups from the egg carton. My wind chime has 10 bells

May 16, 2017 Craft


Offer associate’s such a horse-magnet operation takes very little time. Legend: CP – air loop st.b / n – column without sc K. – ubavka- 2 loops with approx. –

May 9, 2017 Craft


In place of the many plastic bags, which are used to go shopping, many women come special canvas bags, big of paper and cellulose. Its share of popularity and managed to

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