June 27, 2017 Craft


Do you ever want to add more interesting throw pillows to your space but need more than your budget would allow? Do you have the itch to sew your own

June 8, 2017 Craft

Pillow puffed “Braids”

It has long been intended to introduce you to this wonderful drape. Many of you remember the pillow, which recently showed us a mistress. However, their record is deleted, what

April 7, 2017 Craft


I propose to make a pillow. Sewn outrageously easy, but what a result. To create multi-colored pillows we need: Braid with tassels (3.5 m of each color on the basis

March 26, 2017 Craft


With the onset of autumn weather began imperceptibly time to craft. In just such a pillow made of shreds. The principle is simple, many people know how to do it,

March 24, 2017 Craft

Pillow – heart

Until the day of lovers, on February 14, not much left, it is necessary to have what to think, how to please, surprise your loved ones. This cushion will be

December 27, 2016 Craft


I want to show how I sewed around the pillow. The pillow is sewn here on this scheme. The scheme is not specified seam allowance, I took a 1 cm

October 24, 2016 Knitting

Application of yarns

yarn is not as common as other techniques. just fell in love with this picture on the pillow. I’m madly in love poppies, maybe, so I could not pass by.

October 23, 2016 Sewing

Starry pillow with a puff

Why celebrity? Because the back of the stars As I saw at the fair in the community of wizards sewing pillows puffed. Pillows terribly much, and I decided to do

October 7, 2016 Craft

Cushion with Rose Fabric

Their seats or upholstery will be much more comfortable and charming if you pad with pink fabric which can be made with fabric with color or print and your preference.