July 27, 2017 Craft

Salt dough peacock

Before you start, do a COLOR TEST. Put the gouache on the salted dough and mix it well into the dough. If necessary, you can add flour. Color saturation depends

June 3, 2017 Craft

Knitted pot holders Peacock

Today we are going to do this here bird.  Designed for handy people who have already mastered the basics of crochet. Therefore, I will discuss the stages of the work

May 30, 2017 Craft

Plastic can peacock

Materials used Plastic can like milk jug, oil jug etc Scissor Adhesive glue or glue gun Paints Glitter Cardboard (like pizza cover) Method Draw peacock body and feathers on the

March 6, 2017 Craft


The rest of the feathers did as well as in the previous study, only the fringe diagonally sheared. I was satisfied. First, on the piece of paper I drew a

March 1, 2017 Craft


At this time I found a new use – turn over its feathers to., and if there is a tail, so to himself peacock! Bird.request of Lesia. Screw Circuits. COMBINE.

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