paper flower
May 24, 2017 Craft

paper flowers

Flowers on postcards and scrapbook pages have always been wonderful decor bringing to them a romantic touch. Flowers also made with his own hands, give your emotions and the warmth

March 14, 2017 Craft

How to make beautiful paper flower

He thistle thorns, thistle spiny, thistle, burdock thorny, etc… There are about 120 species of a thistle: this thistle spiny, sea, curled, drooping, artichoke (giant), dairy (milk thistle) and al.

February 7, 2017 Craft

corrugated paper flower

I was looking for something interesting to work with children, I remembered the picture and caught fire in the technique. I looked through all her pictures on the Internet, and

October 5, 2016 Craft

Bouquet of paper flowers

Bouquet of paper flowers can adorn your home or be your wedding bouquet. In addition to maintaining the original version of these flowers, you can also paint them with the