January 30, 2017 Craft


Material corrugated Paper Glue Upper lobes cut out a shape, a width of approximately 1.5 – 2 cm and a height of 7-8 cm. Sami scales width of 2 –

January 30, 2017 Craft

jute lamp shade

Hello, dear friends! Yesterday finished work on the new lights. I hasten to share the result. To use the base of the bottle of blue glass. Lampshades made of using

December 18, 2016 Craft

Planters of bottle.

It so happened that I urgently needed pots for the garden. A neighbor in the garden tossed me seedlings petunias hang-downing. And we have already gathered home and I quickly

October 27, 2016 Decoration


Well … the money is not forthcoming, we build castles in the air … We take the bottle and salt dough (cup of flour, a cup of salt and 125

October 19, 2016 Decoration

Rope Vases

I’m totally in love with these fun vases we created for The Cream Event. And they are super easy (and inexpensive!) to make! You could use any color rope (or

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