September 25, 2016 Weaving

Spring Carnival

If you need to quickly, then do the middle of a cardboard. With this option will cope even children! Only about 35 tubes. Prepare two cardboard circles. Here, a diameter

September 5, 2016 Weaving


This simple rustic rug made of wool braids, the ends of which are left . At first, I planned to make it in black and white but then decided to

August 20, 2016 Weaving

The mat of braids

Approximately one and a half years ago, I made pictures for this IC and then decided not to put it, thinking that all too simple and banal – one look

August 17, 2016 Weaving

Basket of paper twine

I will tell you how to make a basket for the doll of paper twine. For the work you will need: 1. Paper napkin (monochrome or color depending on your

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