November 16, 2016 Quilling

Quilled Mickey Mouse

This is a birthday gift for a girl who is fanatical (way beyond being a fan) of Mickey Mouse. She makes me laugh even while I’m crying, which is just

October 30, 2016 Quilling


Quilling Topiary – this is an interesting hack to create that you can use school-age children. Although many adults spend time with interest for twisting paper flowers. Materials: Colored paper

October 29, 2016 Quilling


Perhaps all of us tired of winter and so you want something warm and spring. It was the thought of spring pushed me to create flower magnets. Besides coming 8

October 22, 2016 Quilling

Spring box quilling

Friends, with the first day of spring you! Sunny mood, cheerfulness, and optimism! As usual, the event will not do without gifts made with their own hands. In our case,

October 15, 2016 Quilling

Butterflies quilling

Art to create three-dimensional compositions by twisting paper strips known relatively recently to our handy people. However, we have already managed to appreciate the genius of the discovery of this

September 27, 2016 Quilling


We are putting units in the chain so. as shown in the photo: Closes chain in a circle, we get 2 rows of modules: 38 modules in each row. Thus

September 2, 2016 Quilling

Quilling: Secrets of the seabed

Dear masters! Quilling sinks, sinks …. quilling on the seabed! I wanted to do this time without the “lessons” but did not even change  you’ll understand why it is “Secrets

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