December 25, 2016 Craft

Dandelion from thread

I found at the wonderful master class on making dandelion of woolen thread. That this: Unfortunately, the description and the author of the master class is lost, if anyone knows

December 25, 2016 Craft

knitted daisies

In order to tie the hook, we need to daisy juniper bead (I took a diameter of 14 mm), thread 100% cotton yellow and white, as well as the hook

December 25, 2016 Craft

Chrysanthemums paper

Very cute and simple enough to do here such chrysanthemum paper. What is green chrysanthemum – I do really like it! It looks stylish! But you can do and colored

December 24, 2016 Craft


Hello. I have already begun a vacation. So I decided to spider – the keeper of the hearth. Look, please, what it is I have turned We need: – wire

December 24, 2016 Craft

Egg shell craft

Wonderful egg  shell craft 1. So, to start to take eggshells. About 12 eggs. Wash, separate the film. 2. While the shell is dry, pick up surface: cut out a

December 23, 2016 Craft

Gerber corrugated paper

Flowers made of paper is very easy to do, but they look nice and impressive. For the manufacture of corrugated paper color should be: 1. Corrugated paper of different colors;

December 23, 2016 Craft

Plasticine doll

The growth of its 28 cm The first stage of my work here it is the only plasticine … Primed I painted it colors and decorated … a little here,

December 23, 2016 Craft

Herringbone hook

Christmas tree of the yarn for knitting sponges. Along the Christmas tree beads Start knitting. He scored 60 stitches. I locked into the ring. 2 series (and all even rows)

December 23, 2016 Craft

Making soap – tulip.

you can create soaps of various shapes, colors, and flavors. We suggest you learn how to make soap in the shape of a tulip. To work you will need: –

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