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44 Types of Saree Blouses Fashion Curious Women Should Know

With fashion booming every day, there are now a plethora of options to vary your blouse designs. From creative back designs to neckline and sleeves, blouses can be customized in ions of ways.

1. Backless Blouse

For those who want to have safe necklines, backless blouses are the best. Go for tacky and sensuous cuts and back necklines to make a statement.

2. Halter Neck Blouse

Halter necks are very much in vogue these days. They give an indo-western appeal to your sari and are a good option for an evening party!!

3. Boat Neck Blouse

This blouse has been worn ample times by almost every Bollywood diva. Boat necks are very safe and leave no room for cleavage show. You can use sparkled fabrics or heavy embroidery to show off your blouse.

4. High Neck Blouse

Women with long and toned necks look gorgeous in high neck blouses. Again, more coverage and less skin show these ones are simple yet elegant. These days we see a lot of high necks in halter blouses as well.

5. Asymmetric Blouse

You can keep the neckline as you want or have cut from here or there to give a funky ravishing look.

6. Collar Neck Blouse

They accentuate your neckline and save you from cleavage issues in blouses. You can customize the collar of your blouse by having thread work or embroidery over your collar.

7. Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peter Pan blouses have a round collar meeting in the front. The collar accentuates the neckline and is a great pick for women with long necks. We adored the blouse when Sonam Kapoor came out with her Satya Paul Lipstick Printed Sari. Chic and pep, we totally loved it.

8. Jacket Style Blouse

Very funky for the winters and autumns, jacket blouses have become a daily visual in the fashion world. They are highly preferable with Dhoti Saris and Sari with pants. You can accessorize with belts and kamarbandhs and just look ravishing.

9. Knotted Blouse

You would just love the idea of having a prominent Knot or a bow at the back neck of your blouse. It gives a pretty retro look and will definitely make heads turn!!!

10. Illusion/Sheer Neck Blouse

Sheer blouses are a huge Cannes favorite and just look so Wow! Although be very sure of your curves unless you want to show the flaps!

11. U-Shape Neck Blouse

A simple U shape neck with or without sleeves is a good start to get out of the traditional Sari mode.

12. Princess Cut Blouse

One of the most versatile designs, it clings tight to your bosom and has broad necklines exhibiting your collar bones. Recently we saw Sonam Kapoor donning this one for J.J Vallaya.

13. Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Adapted from the spaghetti tops, blouses with noodle or spaghetti straps are becoming very popular these days. Designers have now started using heavy pearls or stones in place of straps to make statement designs.

14. Keyhole Neck Blouse

For those of you who love to experiment with necklines rather than blouse styles, keyhole neckline looks amazing. You can accentuate the blouse by going for well-embellished blouse or matching neckpiece.

15. Round Neck Blouse

Round necks have been there since the ‘Nutan’ times and have always been the savior designs.

16. Square Neck Blouse

Square necklines, though very popular can be customized further with creative backlines as well as sleeves. You need to be very careful with the tailoring as they can be big disasters in the bust area.

17. Embroidered Blouse

If you are planning your own wedding or that of a close one, get your blouse beautifully embroidered matching your outfit.

18. Crew Neck Blouse

If you have a tender long neck to flaunt and a very beautiful border of your dupatta, this one is one of its kind. We find these better than the collared necks as they give you the space for neck pieces as well.

19. Cutwork Blouse

There is nothing more sensuous than a beautifully tailored cut-work blouse. The more delicate the cut-work more is the appeal.

20. Long Blouse

The era of Shararas and Lachas has come back to present with long blouses coming back to life. They make the outfit super comfy and covered.

21. Bandeau/Strapless Blouse

Bandeau blouses look extremely chic and sensuous. They flaunt your shoulders and bosom and look ravishing if you are going for s shimmering sari or dupatta along your outfit. Though strapless blouses need to be worn with well-fitted corsets or strapless bras.

22. T-Back Blouse

These date back to racer back tees and have now modified as well designed blouse options. T-back blouses have ravishing T- shaped back necks that can be embroidered or embellished to be highlighted. It is one beautiful pick if you want the attention on our back rather than the front side of the outfit.

23. Peplum Blouse

Grace and poise guaranteed peplum blouses do a lot to enhance your waistline. With the extra fabric frills, they get all the attention to your tender waist.

24. Cape Sleeve Blouse

When you have a very heavy lower outfit, it’s better to go with simple innovative blouses. Cape blouses are a perfect fusion of the new and the old.

25. Angrakha Style Blouse

Angrakhas close at one side of your chest and provide extreme coverage. The style is now taken in blouses as well with embroidery on the front side. Sonam Kapoor definitely went one step ahead with a long Angrakha blouse over her silk Sari and we just could not miss this for you.

26. Off Shoulder Blouse

If you are not very fond of sleeveless or strapless and love to have sleeves in your outfits, off shoulder Blouse is a good option. Flaunting your shoulders to the fullest, these give you a very stunning way to show off your collarbones with equally peppy sleeves.

27. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse

Butterfly sleeves look amazing when you have a sheer blouse or a net Sari to drape it with. Go for some subtle thread work on your flared sleeves to get a designer outfit on a very low budget!!

28. Attached Dupatta Blouse

To make life super easy, designers have gotten into blouses with dupattas draped and attached. For Half saris and Skirt styled saris these are the best choice.

29. Corset Blouse

They can be strapless or with sleeves. Like a corset, these are tightly fitted blouses and accentuate your whole torso. If you have a superb figure to flaunt, pick one of these this weekend.

30. High-Low Blouse

Play the hide and seek with the onlookers by getting into this beautiful concept of high-low blouses. We personally recommend wearing this without a dupatta to keep its graceful on!!

31. Long Sleeved Blouse

Take out your old pieces and just go for funky sleeves with them and Bang! You are back into the fashion world!!

32. Lace Blouse

Lace blouses are unique and royal in their own way. They don’t need any extra work if they are well tailored and designed.

33. Cropped Blouse

Crop blouses or Crop tops have become a popular visual with long skirts and palazzos. They are chic and look great on a casual day out!!

34. Asymmetrical Triangle Blouse

Go sizzling with these steaming blouse styles. If you love to flaunt a tattoo on the waist or a piercing on your navel, this one is sure to make heads turn.

35. Draped Blouse

Easy to carry and eliminates the need for a dupatta, Draped blouses have recently paved their way into the world of coutures.

36. T-Back Blouse:

37. Panelled Blouse

Designers have very uniquely started using more than two or three fabric panels on one piece of a blouse rather than going with a single fabric style. Paneled blouses give a stunning look with designer saris and skirts and are one of the great picks this year.

38. Graphic Blouse

When Sonam stepped out in a graphic Sari, the crowd sure had issues accepting that. But designers have gone one step ahead by introducing classy graphic blouses. Digitally printed with vague or funny prints, a Graphic Blouse is a statement piece to go with plain outfits.

39. Mandarin Blouse

Blouses with Mandarin necklines or Ban Necks are becoming a chic option. They can be very easily customized and backless or embellished back blouses. A mandarin neck looks ravishing on women with long slim necks.

40. Sweetheart Neck Blouse

Flaunting cleavages and your bosom, sweetheart neck styles are one of the most conventional blouse designs that almost every woman owns.

41. Criss-Cross Blouse

It evolved from the concept of sarongs. Shortened and more exposing, crisscross blouses are fabulous for beach parties or destination weddings.

42. Sweater Blouse

Knitted sweaters are now very much in vogue on the ramps. It’s high time we see them being put to their worth. Hand knitted or woven sweaters look pep and are definitely one out of the box idea.

43. Leather Blouse

Blouses in leather or with leather patchworks have now become steaming attire especially worn with smoked colors like burgundy and beige.

44. Jewel Neck Blouse

Eliminate the need for wearing any statement jewellery with beautifully embellished jewel neck blouses.

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