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Tutorial – Mini Closed umbrellas

his is another of the many versions of closed umbrellas. Every time I wanted to do some, they were too thick for me, with whatever material I used.
Until I decided to buy one that seems perfect to me !! very real ….. and there I found out that it was made with tissue paper … of course!
I leave the link in case you do not dare to do it, this artist is unique making handbags and umbrellas:

This is the original that I will try to imitate.

As I told you, the material that worked best for me was this silk paper, also known as “papel de china”; which is used to make kites (will it be an antiquity?). A circle of 10 cm in diameter is cut. We also need wire, glue and whatever you find of beads and small pieces for the details.

We doubled in half in two, then in four … then in eight, to have 16 parts. They are eight folds. So that they can work better, they bend for one side and for the other, so the edges are well marked.

We cut a finite wire, about 8 or 9 centimeters … the length later we adopt it when it is finished. We cross the circle through the center.

We put glue on the line of the four largest parts, as in the photo and stick the paper to the wire. I use glue for backing (it is very adhesive and sticks perfectly on the wire)

We divide each of the four parts by the marks, leaving a total of eight parts of the umbrella.

When it is dry, we separate the folds in two halves and cut the edge up diagonally,

Slowly and with your fingers, we turn the paper over the wire, giving the shape to the closed umbrella.

We cut a strip of the same paper (or another color), and stick it inside one of the sides, we turn the whole circle and we hit again.

The details depend on the pieces we can get, trinket, washers, a piece of leather for the handle ….. imagination.

They are very nice as a complement to bags and purses.

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