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37 Designer Blouse Images That Will Blow Your Mind

You already know what an excitement it is to wear your favorite sarees with a pretty blouse. If the blouse in a talk is well tailored and crafted carefully keeping your exclusive needs on the mind, then you have no choice but to get smitten by it.

Designer blouses, unlike the normal blouses, are carefully styled and customized by reputed designers so it can bring out the beauty in you under a new light. These blouses are stitched exclusively for the person who paid for it, and therefore it is often flawless in its details.

Thus, a designer blouse is the bit on the expensive side. However, the saree look you achieve, with these stunning blouses can make up for the amount you have to part with it.

Its fine to stick with basic blouses most of the time, however, if you need a blouse for a lifetime, investing on the customized designer blouse where all your dream requirements are truly taken care of, is the absolute must. Yes, really.

In short, the sarees you want to treasure for lifelong needs a investment on a designer blouse of your choice.

To throw ideas on what you can expect from these blouses, we searched the leading Indian designer’s portal, fashion shows, celeb dressings and every other nook & corner.  The results are a bunch of stellar blouse designs that stand for the test of time.

Now scroll down to take a look at gorgeous designer blouse images that we have unearthed from all the corners of fashion zone.

Give a modern spin to your plain sarees with a printed cape neck blouse. Opt for irresistible prints in attractive shades to garner all the attention.

If your saree is in the neutral color palette, a pop of contrasting hue on your blouse is going to add a lot of charm. For designer sarees, go for colorful beaded work on a net blouse like the one below.

Even simple sarees can be made to look dramatic with an addition of standout statement blouse. And for those who need it, this side tie-up blouse would exactly fit the bill.

Innovative sleeve and neck designs can give a stylish spin to your sarees. When this loud sleeve and neck patterns are well tailored to fit your body, then you have a winning saree look.

Opt for see-through blouses with catchy lace or beadwork. This cold shoulder blouse with the sleek high neck is enough proof for what these beauties can do to a simplest of saree.

If you like to keep things simple, then contrasting color blouses aided with right embellishment would do the trick here.

Don’t miss the simple halter neck blouse to cast a magic spell to your saree look. Either you can opt for a plain blouse or opt for quirky embellishment on the blouse back neck.

Want a designer blouse for a lifetime? Invest in a shimmery gold blouse and wear it with all the designer sarees from your closet.

Those who can’t stay away from experiments do try this ruffled top as a saree blouse.

Add a dose of drama to off-the-shoulder blouses by opting for chic knots. Here below is the inspiration.

For your silk sarees, try this super trendy high neck blouse with short sleeves for an adorable look.

We all know how cold shoulders are trending this season. However, this one with cool bell sleeves to just hotness overloaded.

This gathered sleeve blouse is all you need if you like to keep your saree pallu in front. For heavy work sarees, this blouse offers a lot of scope for eye-catching work.

Puff blouse with a net layer is for those who are conscious of their arms. It is needless to mention that deep diving neck glams up this blouse.

A full sleeve blouse with lavish embroidery is a sure way to stay stylish on your sarees. Keep your embroidery in contrast colors to make it stand out.

Many underestimate what a well-stitched satin blouse could do to a saree look. Next time try to wear your heavy designer sarees with contrasting simple stain blouse like the one featured below.

Add chic colorful jackets to your monochrome saree look. Below kutch work jacket makes this black saree look so vibrant.

For pastel hues, pearls are godsend embellishments. Try pink, blue and other colors on the pastel palette with pearl adorned blouses and look awesome.

If you are not into accessories and stuff, then this jeweled neckline could compromise for the lack of bling on your ensemble.

Collar necks blouses are not new. Make them look fashion forward by opting them in stunning shades with quirky prints.

This shimmery mirror work blouse can instantly add a dashing appeal to any saree you choose to pair with. Wear this kind of blouse with pearl or Kundan jewelry to double the impact.

Those who like to stay sexy, go for backless blouses and keep other glued to your look with colorful pom poms. Check below on how this blouse transforms a simple saree to super stylish.

A statement sleeve like the one below is bound to make you look regal.

Coming to mix and match, try these stripe blouses with any of your designer drapes and witness your sophisticated saree look.

Metallic embellishments are taking huge limelight this year. Incorporate them on your blouses and be the first on your fashion circle to wear this trend.

A shimmery black blouse is a worthy investment for all your future designer sarees.

Those who are bored with all the standard models, give peplum tops a try. Yes, you can style them even with silk sarees.

Here is a stylish blouse option for plain white saree. Wear this with red lips and silver accessories.

When you are investing a lot in a customized designer blouse, see that your blouse back neck is as attractive as this.

These flowy sleeves are too adorable to miss out on your custom blouses.

For transparent sarees, you need super pretty floral blouses like this one.

Are you in bold saree style, try ruffles on saree border and blouse neck. Your saree will be the talk of your fashion circle.

Animal prints have been taking center stage this year. It has been creatively used on all ethnic dresses. Make that part of your blouse as well.

A sexy velvet blouse will not go away from fashion radar. Never.

Yes, you can stay stylish on your silk sarees too.

A well fitted gold blouse is something that you can’t afford to miss if you are a saree lover.

Okay, we have given you a lot of much-needed inspirations to get your first designer blouse worth all the money. This exclusively designed one-of-a-kind blouse can dramatically alter your saree look. Reserve them for your memorable sarees and see the magic you cast when you wear it.