Craft Flower making Recycled products


add bright colors to your front garden and give a good mood, regardless of the weather.
Let’s get to work.
Make a template for the flower. Draw a circle. And divide the circle into equal parts.

From plastic bottles we cut out 6 circles. For a full flower, you need to cut 6 more circles. Total 12 circles. We circle each circle in half, then we unbend and once again double in half.

Twin parts. On one we cut out 12 petals, on the other – 16 petals.

Flower details.

Blanks for one flower.

Using a ruler and an awl, draw each petal for bending along the petal, not reaching the center by 1.5 cm.

Each petal is bent to give the volume of the flower.

We cover the petals with aerosol paint from the can.

From the cork carved the top of the flower with which we disguise the wire. Middle of the flower.

We cut out sepals.

Shilom make 2 holes.

We clean the wire from the insulation, we sew sepals and petals alternating 12 and 16-petalled.

The wire is bent and pulled through the second hole in the reverse order.

From the cork carve a bud. From the green bottle we carve sepals for the bud.

We are wrapping the stems with tape and fastening the leaves.

Beautiful, well bloom and frosts are not afraid! ) I wish you creative success!