Craft Sewing

We sew a summer bag in a naval style

Sea style today is considered one of the traditional. Great Britain is the country that created this new trend – exquisite, elegant and very comfortable. The sea, beaches, coast – yachts, ships, and sailboats. Fresh breeze and surf noise, with nothing comparable to the atmosphere of travel and adventure. All these emotions cause us to maritime style.

Today my master class is devoted to this topic. I want to show you how I make a sea-style handbag, which my customers like so much.

For work we need:

1. Cloth in the strip (dense) 1 m.

2. Denim fabric 0.5 m.

3. Cloth cotton for lining and sealing 1.5 m.

4. Rope cotton twisted d – 12mm 1m.

5. Adhesive fleece 1 m.

6. Plastic for strengthening the bottom 8×25 cm.

7. Eyelets 10-12mm (4 pcs.)

8. Decorative ornaments

9. Denim pocket 2 pcs.

10. Adhesive for fabric

11. Decorative braid 1.5 m.

12. Scissors are universal.

13. Scissors zig-zag.

14. Mel.

15. Sewing machine, thread, needle.

16. Magnetic button.

17. The installer of eyelets.

18 Ruler.

19. The pattern of a bag.

So, we proceed.

1. The first stage. A bag.

To make a bag, you need a piece of denim and a piece of cloth in a strip. Denim fabric is the top part of the bag, in striped – the lower part of the bag. The pattern consists of two parts. All the dimensions are shown in the photo. For the top of the bag, I used a piece of denim fabric with a size of 20×35 cm. As you can see in the first photo, the patterns are in a mirror image, I cut them and cut them with the allowance along the edge.

I used a 40×40 cm striped fabric. For this, I folded the fabric in half, straightened the strips, fastened them with pins, attached a pattern and cut with the allowance along the edge as shown in the second photo.

Both pieces of fabric should be glued with non-woven fabrics. To do this, put the fleece with the adhesive side (dots) on the fabric and iron it well with a hot iron so that there are no bubbles and creases.

To keep the bag well kept in shape, I also seal the bag with a dense cotton cloth. In the first case, I have a blue fabric, in the second white.

I apply a pattern and crochet in a mirror image.

Now we need to dock the two parts of the bag in one piece. Cut the top of the pattern into two parts.

Apply face to face with a long side. Align the corners of the two parts of the bag. To do this, I insert a pin into the corner of the pattern of one side, while the pin should fall into the corner of the pattern from the back side.

Lined at the corners, swept and sewn on the sewing machine. Crop excess. The stitches were smoothed.

That’s what should happen.

The upper part is sewn. Fold the fabric in half, align on the seam, try to make the stripes also coincide, fix them with pins and sew the edges with a mark. Now take the pattern of the lining and on it, we equate the bag. Draw a contour with a marker or chalk.

Stitch along the line on the sewing machine. We cut off all unnecessary scissors zig-zig. We smooth out all the seams.

We form the bottom of the bag. Push the corners at the bottom of the bag. To do this, level the middle of the bottom with a lateral seam. We attach a pin and sew on the machine, fixing the ends (back and forth).

The width of the bottom of the bag should be 8 cm. For testing, I measure the stitched corners with a ruler, they must be the same on both sides.

We turn out the bag. Sew pockets and decorative tape. Pockets should first be swept, and then stitched on the sewing machine. The decorative tape I sewed by hand, but you can also sewing machine.

7. The second stage. Lining.

Cut off 2 pieces of fabric for a lining size 40x40cm. We circle the pattern. We use only one piece of cloth. On it we will make a pocket.

We will need the fabric in a strip size of 25h23 cm. Fold the fabric in half. Smoothing.

Bend around 1 cm and then iron again.

Now we take the second part of the lining, fold it face to face, we plan it.

We are putting a pocket aligned, basting and sews on the sewing machine. Ready pocket Gets the size 22h10 see. I have it split in half and sew on a typewriter double seam.

We circle the pattern so that the pocket is in the center. We sew patterns on the sides of the pattern, the bottom is stitched 5 cm on each side, fixing the seam (back and forth).

Crop all unnecessary scissors zig-zag. Stitches as well as at a bag.

In the middle of the bottom, leave a hole so that you can unscrew the bag through it.

Lining in finished form.

10. The third stage. Build the bag.

Now you need to insert the lining into the bag. To put it is necessary face to face. We turn the bag on the wrong side. The lining on the wrong side is not twisted, we put it into the bag in such a way as in the photo above.

Align the lining with the bag at the lateral seams, fasten with a pin, and we sew and sew on the sewing machine. Crop unnecessary, we smooth the seams.

We turn out through the hole in the lining.

We iron the upper edge of the bag, we sew and sew on the sewing machine.


We put the plastic on the bottom of the bag. Size 8×25 cm. The corners are rounded. In several places, I put glue on the bottom of the plastic and glue it to the bag.

12. The fourth stage. Set the button in the bag.

Align the bag on the lateral seams, attach the clips. Mark the middle with chalk, make a hole for the button.

We insert , strengthen the leather insert, glue the glue to the wall of the bag. We do the same on the other side.

13. The fifth stage. Installation of eyelets.

Align the bag at the side seams. Secure with clamps. We apply the eyelets to the bag, having retreated from the edge 4 cm, from above 2 cm, we mark the middle with chalk. Do not remove the clips. The points marked with chalk are first punched with a punch d-10mm. The punch is punched at once by two sides of the bag so that the holes are symmetrical. The eyelets are inserted using the device to install the eyelets.

14. The sixth stage. Handles for bags.

We take a cotton rope 1 m in size. We put it into the eyelets.

Sew the ends of the string.

Align the handles and sew them together

We decorate the handle with a denim fabric.

To do this, you need a piece of cloth measuring 10×15 cm. We bend the edges, glue them, iron them.

We decorate the sides of the handle. You will need a fabric with a strip of 25×5 cm. Cut in half, bend the sides and iron. One end of the fabric is sewn to the rope, the second end is wrapped around the handle. Sew or glue. We decorate with anchors. I glued them to the glue.