Craft Flower making

whether aster, or chrysanthemum

We need napkins, scissors, a knife, a spring stalk, a piece of cardboard, floral tape (you can not). Let’s get started

take a napkin

Cut it into 4 parts

Take a quarter cloth and fold it in half – get a rectangle

Half again – get square

Of doing triangle square

Now, take a pair of scissors and cut off from our billet on both sides

We need for our flower middle part

Of scissors cut blank middle portion

One flower we need to do from 70 to 100 blanks

Here all the steps in our blank: you can immediately cut off the tip

Expand, turned snowflake

Now a very important step. It is necessary to give our brand-new volume – we will do it with a knife, and our palms. The knife is suitable not for everyone, it should be free of static electricity. In the photograph, the correct location of the blade – lightly press on our harvest and conduct our knife from one side to the other petals

As a result, we need to get our brand-new flower

This is my two-layer cloth, the layers were separated with a toothpick

If you do it right, then the needle of your flower will look like

In the table a blank for a single flower. Here, about 100 pieces. Do not forget to make holes in the middle – we need them in the assembly

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out two circles (approximately a diameter of about a centimeter) hole in the middle of doing

Take a twig, sharpen the tip of the dress and our circle. We fix what we have at hand: I teip tape (it is necessary to our circle does not slide on the twig)

We decorate our spring, although this is not necessarily

and start putting our billet on a branch

Top dress circle and second fingers as if they are connected to each other. All flower we ready!

I have to flower takes about half an hour. If that is not clear, please contact me. I’ll try to answer you