Craft Decoration

Waterfall for miniatures

I want the share to create a miniature waterfall. Waterfalls make for miniatures,

For work, we need:
– a thick cardboard (I 2 mm)
– Adhesive TITAN, PVA time carpenter, a moment of crystal water resistant
– salt dough or self-hardening clay or dough for sculpting
– toilet paper
– acrylic paint
– colored sand
– artificial flowers
– plastic transparent thin
– pieces of mirror

From cardboard cut out the shape of our waterfall. I interpreted the future size of the miniature. I must say that not being asked to do something difficult and zamorochennoe since it is not a separate miniature and an integral element.

All PVA glue to the building

Centered otcherchena area to house the mirror and the waterfall itself

Cardboard pastes the sidewall residues. What would our future mirror appear depressed? I took a 2-layer cardboard

From self-hardening clay paste “stones” our waterfall. The color is not important – I used the one I had. Glued to the same PVA

Paste toilet paper. I like gray. It seems to have similar

I have left is an owl. But her Glue later. The child’s such paper balls were found. I cut in the floors, take out the middle. Pasting. This will be the grooves

From small clumps of toilet paper adds a “relief” and together with paper paste over again

Frankly, color already like. I turned gray porous sandstone. Later I regretted repainted, but … I’ve got a bad feature – do not alter.

Glue the owl and all gruntuem white paint

Acrylic paint. I made brown sand. Once painted, the center of the glued pieces of mirror. Squares mirror is disassembled and New Year suspension prikopalis just in case

Of transparent plastic guide for water cut and paste it

I’ve got here such green branch on a wire. Only leaves too big for my waterfall. No problem. We arm with nail scissors and clipped

We begin to decorate. A transparent guide for water pours titanium. After drying – is not water. Glue at the time of our crystal vine. There is a school – taped too far. Well, I think about planting and so everything is clear. Decorate the extent of your imagination and possibilities

Here’s how it looks from the side. I should note right away that the bottom is not “planted” no zelenuhu, since there will be placed tubs with flowers, but it is in a nutshell that for which it was made the waterfall.

Sypem blue sand in a niche where there is water. Unfortunately, the lower niche is small for what to do there what or decor

Fill titanium niches simulating drained water.

In some places, glue artificial moss to impart vitality

Now light. Wire with a LED power supply (it is to test since this light is connected to the general lighting in the following miniature. From plastic made U -shaped cap size top of the waterfall. Paint stained glass paints. I wanted it to go up the same glow different colors. Unfortunately pictured is not visible. In the top right sidewall make an awl and then expands scissors opening

Insert wire, close the U-shaped top lid. That’s all. check the

We clean the tips of the wires from cambric and connect with the power supply. Team! Everything is working. Unfortunately at this picture is not very visible, but in life – turned out beautifully. water lit from within, and the mirror reinforces this reflection.

Waterfall ready for installation. The final design will see him later. Thank you for your patience. I hope this is useful to someone.