Craft Weaving


I was lucky, I have found near the home of a tree with needles of the medium length of 24 cm. This is the result of the work of such a material.

Making a round tray, barrel and other utensils of this form begins with a round bottom braiding. To do this, take needles beam thickness of about 1 cm. And start winding a rope (about 5 cm.). Then, turning straw, resulting in thick twine roll tight “snail”.

Thread the needle and start to weave. Seam, which I applied in my tray is as follows: first, the needle is passed into the bottom row of needles 1,3 beam at a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the previous stitch, tighten thread. Then you have to thread the needle in the same place as the first time.
When the bottom is ready, it is necessary to make a smooth transition to the walls, for that netting should be raised slightly upwards.

Handles made in continuation needle beam, by winding it on the working thread, the resulting twine need not When sewing, elevated above the bottom row. Next, continue normal stitches.

I completed the weave, the information on the “no” working beam needle beam. The top edge I do not complement by additional stitches since decided that this is unnecessary, but if you are working with short needles, the additional number of stitches will be out of place.
As decoration I used spruce small bumps, I cemented them with glue. The product turned out quite strong, so the additional processing tools (nail, and so on. D.) I did not use.