Craft Decoration

Origami “vase” with his own hands

To create a vase used the following materials: modules made of colored paper for your printer.

It is necessary to prepare the modules 8 colors. In our case, it is the following colors: white, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, raspberry.

At the base – 24 modular elements white short side.

Then comes the 4 rows of red elements of the long side on the front side

Then, 10 rows of 24 modules. In a series of modular elements used eight colors on the three pieces of each color element.

We made the first color series.

Next, we shift by one element, as shown in the picture below.

That’s what we get in the end.

Then do the following, a third color row.

Also shifted one modular element. It turns out the wave of color.

We do the 10 series

Make a neck in a vase.

The neck consists of six series.

We continue to wear the same modules – shifting one element. Only modules in the neck to put on the short side! In the photo below, it is shown how to put on triangles.

All six rows in the neck of the work done.

Vase completed yet! It remains only to put it in a bunch of flowers or autumn. And yet!

Vase with their beauty pleases us!

the vase can also do not wavy lines and smooth. Then the modules in series to shift is not necessary. A clearly put on each other as they are put in the previous row.

Good luck!

Be creative and admire your results!

To create a vase take about 40 minutes of your free time!