Beading Craft Decoration


For any kanzashi decorations required seredinka nice. Of course, you can buy ready-made midway, but such decorations are not always suitable for the texture of the flower. And in this case, there is a simple solution: make the midway for Kanzashi own hands.

For manufacturing seredinok you can take any of the beads and the beads that you have at home: all is useful.

Materials for the crafts:
1. Large and small beads;
2. Large and small beads of different colors;
3. Crystals and polubusiny;
4. The polymeric-type adhesive “Dragon” or “Titan”;
5. Cotton pads;
6. Shears;
7. The needle;
8. Monofilament or monofilament.

Process performance

Middle, with cabochon

Step 1:

disconnects a cotton pad into two halves. Paste cabochon on a half cotton pad.

Step 2.

strung on the line big beads white cabochon on the perimeter. Try to pick the beads so that they were the same size. Lock the beads in a circle.

Step 3.

glued beads around the cabochon. Scissors carefully cut out the middle of a cotton pad. Done!

Following this principle, you can make many nice seredinok for Kanzashi.

Good luck to all!