How to make knitting flower

Knitting that’s such a wonderful flower

Tools and yarn, which we will need:
1. The three colors of yarn. I took yarn “Snowball”
2. Hook №4
3. Flower Pot
4. Wire
5. Scissors
6. The gun and glue sticks
7. Bokarezy
8. Building gypsum (plaster)
9. Yarn “Grass” Green

I do loop of orange yarn, loop knit 8 bars without nakida.

Noose is tightening. Middle, turns the flower. The threads are cut. Knit 19 seredinok.

Knit petals.
In each column without nakida midway – yellow thread provyazyvaem 3 air loop, 2 column with nakida, 3 air loop – knit 7-8 petals.

Knit 19 flowers.

Knit sepals. They we close the mounting location of the wire to the flower.
1st row – from green yarn makes a loop, loop knit 7 columns without nakida

Noose is tightening.

Number 2 – in each column of the first row without nakida provyazyvaem 2 column without nakida – get 14 bars without nakida.
Knit 19 sepals.

Finished flowers and sepals.

Bars of wire stems.

Sticking wire to flower.
You can sew the thread wire.

Dress sepal on the wire.

Glue or sew the flower sepal, at the same time remove all the unnecessary threads.

Here’s what I got.

Finished flowers on stems.

Winding stem green yarn. Pre-lubricated stem with white glue.

Driving the narrow sheet.
Knit three narrow leaves.
The diagram shows the number of each individual color.
Knit in a circle.

Gaining 15 stitches.
Number 1 – 2 columns without nakida 2 polustolbika nakida with 7 columns with one nakida 2 polustolbika with nakida, 2 column without nakida.

Continue to knit in a circle without nakida column, passes in the second row wire