Craft Sewing

How to make handbag with puffed

We need:

  • good mood and 5:00 in front of the TV or the sea
  • needle with a big ear
  • strong thread (for jeans or leather)
  • fabric for the top of jeans or artificial leather: 52h32 cm
  • Lining cloth: 21×21 cm (Round Corners) and slightly oblique Bakey for 4 cm wide
  • template for Boupha scales (see in my store)
    for marking Marker
  • Clasp, 18 cm. I bent. Look how cute it follows the curve of points!

1. Layout

Apply using the layout template. And the fabric pattern and thus should lie horizontally. The long side of the fabric along the long side of the template.

2. Tailoring Boupha

You need to connect three points: the ends and corners of the base. This can be done in two ways.

Method time: hold a needle and thread through three points one corner, leaving the thread at the beginning and end. Tie the ends of the thread, pulling points together. Trim the excess thread.

Method two: sewing. A secure thread at the end of any angle. Spend a needle and thread through the two other corner points. Tighten the thread, make a bundle. Go to the nearest corner. Repeat.

When process all parts (the eyes are afraid, but the hands sew), seen from the front of the beauty of rasprekrasno.

3. Connect the beauty lined.

To do this, bind them together with pins in the corners and in the middle of the parties. Sew on the hands on the edge of the padding. (If the fabric Lining loose, it must first Neaten).

Trim the excess. Make marking pins: bending in half get the middle of each side and insert the pin. On the top edge, measure from the center of 7 cm to the left and to the right and insert the pin. Also on the bottom side.

From these marks to the middle of the sides of the need to gather the fabric assembly, reducing to 6 cm. Sew seam needle forward, tighten, measure 6 cm, fasten thread.

After these manipulations, you will have “almost handbag!” It remains to sew lock. By the way, you can sew a conventional lock-zipper, not clasp.

Continue. We need a bias binding. I took it from Lining fabrics. Sew on a typewriter or in the hands of the perimeter (the seam is not visible).

4. Sew on the zipper

Slide clasp and secure it on the sides and in the middle.

Stitch forward a needle to sew the frame. Stitches do just below the seam, which sewn binding.

Carefully tuck the seam and partly inlay under the frame. It is convenient to do orange sticks for a manicure!

Bakey sews blind stitch to the lining.

The case for glasses ready. Wear and enjoy your life!