Craft Decoration


I hasten to show you the idea of creating decorative vases made of paper, jute and kebab sticks. Maybe someone from the fans of use and junk materials available will attract the idea to create decorative compositions in the interior? Below is a small workshop. good luck)

Before you start to watch a master class and be inspired by the idea of using junk material, I would like to invite all music lovers to the website, here you can watch all the clips srl 80s. Whether you like classical music, and maybe jazz, blues or rock – choose any direction and lift your mood, remembering your favorite music and songs by popular artists.

So, to create a decorative vase, we will need the following materials:

  • Cardboard box the right size,
  • jute or wool yarn,
  • kebab sticks,
  • scissors,
  • Melt with hot glue,
  • PVA glue,
  • cutting pliers or a sharp knife.
  • Getting Started. Prune box and remove the top layer of paper.

Cutting the carton and removing the top layer of paper, insert the kebab sticks, fixing them with adhesive.

Box wrapped with twine or jute

Decorate the box jute twisted rings

We continue to wrap jute kebab sticks, like this:

If desired, the bowl can be painted or varnished