Craft Decoration


If you are in the kitchen, as the ceiling for the chandeliers, hanging a paper lantern, I offer several options for its decoration. To work, as in the first version, you can use the book pages, music paper, corrugated paper and pearl beads. Get a very nice romantic light that will delight the spring mood.

You can use color or wrapping paper

And you can just decorate flashlight butterflies

So, look ideas with a master class in decorating and decoration paper lanterns. These lanterns can decorate not only the interior of your home is a great option for the decoration of the wedding celebration. Here there are the main attributes of the wedding – flowers and butterflies) Equally important

So, to work we need books or sheet music pages, corrugated paper, flowers and butterfly patterns (on my blog a lot of them) and Melt with silicone chopsticks

Cut flowers and several types of glue to each other

Decorated with pearl bead

Glue to the lampshade

Very nice combination of paper flowers and butterflies

Flashlight can be modified with the help of decoupage

to work you need napkins, decoupage, or print cards and glue for decoupage

Paint a flashlight under the ornament color for decoupage

glue ornament

Lantern hung from the bottom of the ribbon with lace

You can also use artificial flowers and Christmas garland with lights