This cushion will decorate any interior. To taste the chosen color and pattern to be every day to please owners of the house, as well as their guests. Make it is not difficult, although, at first glance, the work seems tedious. The choice of fabric is also due to personal preferences. Fit and drape fabric, eg after cutting curtains.

For the manufacture of pillows 35 * 35 cm is required:

1. Fabric keeps satin 65 cm (150 cm width of the fabric.).
2. The fabric sheeting 40 * 80 cm.
3. Sintepon hollow fiber or as a filler of 1 m (a width of 150 cm. .)
4. Zipper 35 cm
5. yarn “denim” thread for a sewing machine (thinner)
6. needle wide eyelet
7. Pin with head
8. The line
9. Scissors
10. Chalky pencil cutting / piece of soap/pen Disappearing

cut out of the base cushion calico, sew on three sides, leaving a hole of about 10 cm. everted. The filler fills previously breaking into small pieces. You can not break, roll in several layers and wear a “pillow-case”, but then you need to leave one side is not fully wired. After padding stitched by a hole (side). It needs a little fluff already sewn Foundation hands smooth out the bumps.

Because cut out krepsatina 2 parts: a size of 65 * 65 cm (including 2,5 cm on each side allowance for seams.) And a second 40 * 40 cm for the back cushions… We treat all overlock edge.

On the detail of the larger on the reverse side plot the layout. Retreating from each edge of 2.5 cm. Draw a grid of squares 3 * 3 cm. There should turn out 20 squares in length and the same width. According to the “Braids” pattern drawbars. Vdevaem thread (70 – 80 cm.) In the needle, sew one thread right to left in the first row. We connect the top of one segment along the needle and fix a double knot. Insert the needle into the vershinku neighboring segment, hold your finger, not pulling the thread, fix a double knot.

Then attract a second top section of this nodule and again make 2 nodules. So sew to the end of the series. Then vdevaem new thread and continue to work in the next row, already left. The third row of the first repeat. On the front side are obtained interlacing folds, they are called puffs.

When the facial cloth products will be implemented in full, we gather in places of folds on the head with pins and basting. Sewn zipper. On the wrong side connecting the two parts of the product, and basting, then sew on the machine. Gut-wrenching. We put on a Pillow Pillowcase. Home decoration is ready!