Craft Decoration

clover in the hat

Material: twine jute, burlap bleached glue “titanium”, paint brushes, wire, a file, scissors, forceps, nail.

Burlap cut into strips.

Strips of stretched strings, leaving only a few in the middle.

For this very middle, I walked the adhesive strip and folded in half. Thread made of stretched preform as pampony.

Then attach the “pom-poms” on the wire.

I gave volume using preformed.Lishnee cut, forming bead similarity. The wire is wrapped with twine.

Dry brush with the desired shade I walked around the base of the bulb.

On a file posted leaves. I took them and a little curved. Bulb with green paint gave them color.

All United.

And covered with varnish.

The base of the cap laid out in a suitably sized container. I removed and transferred to a file. On this horizontal plane and “tighten” field))) hands slightly curved edges of the cap and to fix them to dry completely.
Then all the blinded one. And that’s what happened