The idea of creating boxes was seen by me on the Internet

So simple materials: cardboard, cardboard color, velvet paper, toothpicks, transparent glue, yarn, thread, beads of different sizes, sequins, hook, awl.

Shape box can give any, I wanted to make an octagon. We make of cardboard. For better stability of toothpicks, I did billet of cardboard smaller, and the top and bottom of the blank cardboard 1cm longer so that the empty cavity turned on edge. On the one hand paste velvet paper – this will be the inner side, the other colored cardboard.

Next, at a distance of about 0.5 cm from the edge of the workpiece opening, We perform awl.

As a toothpick is too short, I decided to join the two pieces. To do this, two toothpicks need to smear glue and a junction to roll thread.
Insert toothpicks ready-sticks in the workpiece openings, wherein each opening lubricating adhesive. The glue that remains on the surface to further close the beads and yarn. Floss should be stuck at the bottom for stability.

Here is a blank with all the toothpicks.

Now you need to seal the cavity of colored cardboard.

Take the yarn and start winding around a toothpick, as shown in the photo.

Finish the wound yarn that is 1-1.5 cm. Cut the threads until the end of the toothpicks.

At each toothpick glue bead. If the distance between the beads is, so too is the distance to seal beads. To strengthen the construction of I between the main toothpicks inserts are additional toothpicks and stuck to the beads him. Pieces of toothpicks top break off.

The next step – you need to close the base residues. This will help us beads.

View from above. Note that inside the box has no sharp edges.

The second layer of smaller beads.

Edge paste tape. In this case, a rubber tape.

We turn to the cover. Enough cardboard and pasted colored cardboard on both sides. The lid of the same shape and size as the base.

At a distance of 0.5 cm. From the inner circumference, corners markup, and do the awl holes circumferentially.

The holes of insert halves toothpicks, after coating with adhesive.

This is what happens. On the reverse side also stick toothpicks.

Drum thread, as well as the very casket. Leave little pieces of toothpicks to the string does not fly.

At each toothpick glue sequins and cut the protruding edges. Sequins can be any shape.

Overturn on each toothpick sticking bead and winding the yarn.

Here’s what you should have.

Knit crochet chain.

And paste the chain along the edge of the lid.

At the edge of the lid glue small beads. Knit another chain and glue it to the inside of the circle with beads.

Here’s what you should have.

Then decorate the casket and beads cover to your liking.

And that’s what happened!

Thank you for attention!