Craft Decoration


Need bumps, wire, corrugated paper, salty dough bowls.

Take the simple cones. I’m from the pine. Paint them first in white. And then the one that is necessary, so the paint is better to lie down.

I painted in pink, purple and orange-yellow. Then top chpokaem color darker or lighter. Also, make the middle of a yellow and even in the center of the paint lighter – white or lemon. Dry them.

Squirting lacquer. I acrylic. Dry them.

Next, I hitched a wire.

For some reason, I decided that the bumps will tear gofrobumagu, so wrapped masking tape.

Wrapped in strips of rectangular gofrobumagi and twisted. Paper was scarce, save, so the tails stick out of the wire.

I walked a little dry brush acrylic silver and bronze.

I gathered all together and put in a bowl. Vase has been made before. Glass jar wrapped salt dough and extrude designs there.

This jar before painting.