Craft Weaving


Materials and tools

  • plastic bezel, unadorned
  • the narrow ribbon of different colors (width 0.5 cm)
  • scissors
  • candle
  • glue “Moment” or glue gun
    Take six bands of different colors:

Further, to avoid confusion, carefully follow the sequence!
Glue tape between them like so:

On the inner side of the rim glue yellow with blue ribbon.

From the outside – light green with a pink ribbon, like so:

Glue it on top of the red with green:

should have the internal side of this:

On the inside of bends in the green tape yellow, light green, and the blue.

Overturn the rim.

Right green tape bends over the red (at the outer side of the rim). And laid it in parallel pink.

On the same side of the paving yellow tape laid parallel to the red and green tape.

The left light green ribbon is led down to the right and under the pink, green and a yellow ribbon.

Overturn the rim.

On the inner side, belt bends under pink blue.

A red, on the right, under the pink.

Overturn the rim.

Pink ribbon right bends under the light green strip to the left.

Left top blue – under green on yellow and a pink ribbon.

Again we turn over the rim.

Left green tape is folded red ribbon.

A light green on the right under the green tape.

Again, we turn over the rim.

And continuing in the same alternate tape, braid the entire rim. Anchoring the tape on the rim edges. And … here it is – our “Harlequin”!

At first glance, it may seem that this is a very difficult and confusing … But in the sequence, focusing on a photo, you will understand very quickly and make the original rim with your hands!

Materials and tools

  • plastic bezel, unadorned
  • a narrow ribbon of different colors (width 0.5 cm)
  • scissors
  • candle
  • glue “Moment” or glue gun

Method № 1: weaving denticles

There are very well looked contrasting colors: white – black, red – blue and so on.

With rim remove kinks. Small pieces of tape cover the rim edge.

On the inside of the rim glue white ribbon, leaving a “tail” of 2-3 cm.

Over a white belt, crosswise, pasted a black ribbon.

Tail white tape winding rim and fasten it with an adhesive.

Raise upwards white ribbon.

A black bezel is wound on the inside and the paving it under a white ribbon.

The band is reeled pretty tight. And it follows that between the strips were not gaps.
Just wrapped with a white ribbon border. Over a black, we start it back.

And output under the black.

And so, alternating ribbons, braid the rim.

Here’s a picture we get.

Having finished braid, cut the ribbon.

Using adhesive tape fix edges.

Wrapped with a white ribbon edge of the rim.

With anchoring adhesive tape.

And as a result, we get here is a rim kanzashi!

Method № 2: weaving obliquely

There is also better to combine contrasting colors.

Glue ribbon to the edge of the rim:

Red tape is wound rim and fix it.

Once again we wrapped with red ribbon rim and print it together with a blue ribbon on the outside.

And pulling the two bands, wrapped around the rim.

Just fix the second edge. And the second is ready to ring!

Method № 3: 
The materials we use are the same:

Of the two tapes  Fenichka equal length of the rim.

And with the help of glue fix it on the rim.

That’s one more ring ready!

Here are ways conventional rims can turn into nice accessories!