Craft Decoration

Suspension “Hearts” – crafts for Valentine’s Day

Approaching the most loving holiday – Valentine’s Day! One of the main attributes which are “valentines.” They give your heart dear people – relatives, friends and, of course, loved one. Options their manufacture mass. With one simple today, we get acquainted – – “Valentine”, which can easily handle the children, even without the participation of adults.


– cardboard;
– two-sided colored paper;
– thread;
– line;
– glue;
– pencil;
– a pair of scissors;
– ear stick (for quilling awl).

cardboard cut out the heart, which is pasted loop.

To make the flowers take colored paper 4 contrasting colors. You can each leaf separately, but easier to accurately add up all the 4 leaf alone and with the help of clips to connect them. The top sheet into strips 1.5 cm.

And chop them. Then substitute 2 strips of contrasting color to each other and stick together.

Scissors cut into fringe slowly without reaching the end of 2 mm.
This procedure can also be made by folding together 2-3 strips.

Then using special sewing for quilling or improvised means (in this case the ear sticks, which cut off a tip) is twisted strip into the roll, the tip of the glue.

Now just hand turn down the fringe, so it turns out the fluffy flower.

It left them only a fairly dense rows stick to our heart.

The second suspension is ready!

Such “Valentine” can be hung on a nail or stick with adhesive tape almost anywhere – on the cabinet wall, the front door. Love one another and give to their native people happy! Happy Valentine’s Day!