Craft Decoration Flower making


I bring to your attention the song “Sunflowers”. Love this flower, it is like a small sun, and when you look at it, certainly want to smile!

In the composition used for decoration spikelets natural and artificial small florets. Ceramic pot, it I too sunflowers.

This rear view. The composition is a pretty impressive size, the height of about 53 cm

Emblazoned on my window.

Now I’ll tell you how I did sunflowers …

To begin, I needed a corrugated cardboard, I took out of the box. Encircling handle different containers (cups, cans, etc.), I draw a circle on the cardboard.

For a single flower, we need two laps. I painted them different sizes, want to be different flowers.

While our community debugs aside. For the petals, I came here such cleaning wipes 100% viscose, felt good substitute. Of course, those who have felt, use it!

Napkin, I had to pack folded four times, I did not turn around, as well, and cut into small rectangles. I cut into the eye (I do not like to measure). It happened in each pile four squares are already saving time.

Well, sorry for the poor quality photos, create and late in the evening!

Distracted …

These rectangles cut out the petals, I again cut without using a template on the eye.

Take a circle, edge glue lubricates (Dragon, Titan), ideally Melt glue, it turns much faster (but after our NG building more rest, and that wriggle as I can!) And glue petals to our circle.

Then the second row. Petal second row need paste between two lobes of the first row. After the second row in the same manner and glue the third row. All three rows of petals.

I sent out to dry.

After drying, the adhesive cores of sunflower from the edge of the …

So while completely will not be filled cores of coffee beans.

While our heads Sunflower dry, let us feet flower. I used the legs for the Aluminum wire.

Using pliers, I made a loop, so in order to make it easier to glue the flower, so he sat down firmly on the leg.

We make the leg. For this, I used the twine. He tied a knotted thread and twine her leg.

That’s happened.

Now take unused circles who have been waiting in the wings. I make a hole with scissors …

and inserted into the opening leg. Then carefully smeared that’s the very part that the photo with glue (better Melt glue, faster) and …

sat on top of the head of the flower, so that all are well bonded, clamped clothespins.

Now I share: after removing the pegs hurting leaves and looks horrible … no problem! We dip our fingers in the usual and smoothes them leaves, and even attach a petal shape what we need to look more realistic!

And now the latest actions! Decorate the back of the flower. Sticking twine from the edge of INT in a circle.

And such beauty turns out! Five flowers I made the day!

And such beauty turns out! Five flowers I made the day!