Craft Flower making Quilling


The lower part of the composition.
Leaves encircle the original.that does not make for the sake of art!

Top part.
It wanted to make a pea-fluff to “dilute” the dark leaves.

Full rost. the composition is collected as it around the bamboo sticks.

The trick lies in a crater that’s how.Nachalo assembly crater similar to the third stage of the manufacturing. workpiece rotated, after the fourth back. Middle, to get exactly such bars must be imposed on each other: green over yellow and twist. If that is not clear to write.
Yes, I almost forgot! Number exemplary, oscillations of plus or minus 1-2 possible.

But in the end, that this flowers. did not accept. Strongly on the list. two is such at the top of my compositions have.

I added another row from the bottom as shown in foto.Zagotovki of 2 bands as 6 tapes.Tsvetok turned as if floating in the air, thus I have achieved a great resemblance to the shape of the ball.