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panel work of sea shells

Hello! Today I show you another work of shells, size 21×30 work sm.Vse shells colorless varnish.

Now the small MC of the flowers on this panel.
I already had colors of seashells – in it, I used the “Titan” glue.
For the bulk of flower shells I needed (  Seashell bunch, and differently colored) and transparent silicone adhesive sealant, a picture frame with glass.
Shells I divided into three main colors.

Sealant Squeeze out here such bumps.

First, I use dark shells. I insert them into the extruded adhesive in a circle.

Now, the next number, seashells lighter.

The last row of white shells do.

In the middle of a can insert a bead or other shell.
That’s all! This dries the whole structure is not very fast, but no smeared glue, everything goes very quickly and cleanly.
I never wait, do all the work, and all perfectly dry overnight.

Without frame.

Larger …

And one more time.

Thank you all for your attention