Craft Decoration Weaving


I want to show weaving Mandalas tie. It is a weave, which is easy.
Butterfly – a symbol of the soul, immortality, rebirth, and resurrection, the ability to convert, to transform, the symbol of life, love, and happiness. Butterflies are very creation! This mandala will decorate your house, and will delight you at any time of the year!

we need

  • bamboo sticks (should be elastic and durable not fragile!)
  • thread to crochet HB, iris suitable
  • PVA glue
  • wooden beads that are placed on sticks, if not the beads is not terrible, use what is at hand, you can even colored pasta: )
  • small beads and wire antennae
  • blunt needle with a large eye

Measure out the middle on a stick

connect the rod a few turns of thread together, I use a dark color for the body of the butterfly

pushing the stick in a symmetrical snowflake, fix diagonally several turns.

And now the circle each swing the wand, do 6-7 laps, resulting rods are fixed in position

the thread comes on top of a stick and goes on top, stretch the good!

cut the thread and tying the knot on a stick

Now try on the body, the head and the base of the wings. If not they can twist beads from strips of colored paper.

or because, in general, fantasize!

I choose a bright thread for contrast. We tie to a stick and bottom of conduct to the opposite

We swing the stick and return.

4, and so the circle.

And the same in the cross direction.

change the color

Now go clockwise. Near the head and tail string goes to the bottom of the stick, it goes around and comes out from the bottom, on the wings of the thread comes on top of a stick and goes on top !!!

pass 4 laps. Tails trimmed thread to start up along the rods and also swing the stick with fixing them in this way.

change the color to contrast. I try to vary the color of the dark-light for more expressive performance.

Now a couple of laps the blue thread.

back view

take a blunt needle with a large eye, we need to pull in the calf wings

skip thread under yellow layers using  seam

and tightens

at the head, too, do constriction forming a body

then tightens “head” to “tail”

and pulls the other

back view

We now have a solid foundation for the butterfly. Actually, it looks like a small butterfly and kids can stop on this variant by cutting extra sticks and glue the head and antennae, but we go further …

I added beads, but not necessarily. We will need 4 sticks 2 -9 cm and 7 cm 2 (base sticks in my 20 cm), but you can take your size as all the different butterflies

All sticks connected at the top as well as you did in the beginning hardly thread moving in a circle. Strongly stretch the string to secure the cross

It should get so- 6-7 laps

change the color-4 laps

yellow circle 4

3 white circle. The colors and the number of revolutions at your discretion, the main thing to leave room for the last leg

add the same underneath but less

green, white

purple, on a stick I’m going to do the base two turns around the stick and diamond is drawn

yellow, we need to get to the beads, if you could not simply wrap the thread to stick the beads on the last turn.

take the purple, do a few turns from the top to get to the beads, and then go to the cross-wings

We go around in a circle, and again crossing

so three times

back view

the same with the other side

We take a contrasting dark color and repeat

back view

from the inside, we put droplets of glue on the ends of the wings,  on a stick, give dry.

After the glue has dried beads dress for the body and the head and you can trim any excess thread ends and sticks. We are doing mustache from wire and beads

and put all the beads on the glue, give dry.

Our butterfly is ready!

Now I have a summer meadow home – Mandala My blooming and butterflies.

And how wonderful they look next to the flowers!