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How to make round box with newspaper tubes

I continue with my boxes made with paper tubes, this time I made it round!

Here’s how I did it!
First, you need a lot of paper tubes (see).

I made the box below the coiling on itself the first tubes and continuing until you have a round of 15 cm in diameter. I smeared glue well to make it pretty tough.

From tubes, I cut 36 pieces 5 cm in length and I folded in half forming around and I glued together the two ends.

I spent well the glue on the rods and I left to dry them well.

I have them so glued to the bottom of the box as seen in the photo below.

Made a second round pasting them upside down.

Always with the tubes, I made a circle of top measurement of trash.

I pasted above the rods and I did it to dry well. The basket is made.

Now for the cover.
I made another circle of measurement above the basket, I spent a lot of glue to harden well. I folded in half other tubes and I formed the petals, which I included in the circle before.

I give to all a nice pass elongated vinyl glue with a little water. I
let it dry well and then I painted everything with white acrylic paint mixed with glue.

I again painted the box with the brown leather color I then soiled with a dry brush darker brown.

I really like and you?