Craft Decoration Flower making


Asking for attention liliya- filigree!


  • Clay Titanium;
  • Twine-green, orange, brown;
  • Scissors nail file.
  • Dekor- burlap;
  • Therma-gun;
  • Felt-tip pen or marker.
    As already know each filigree, and if not, you can get acquainted with filigree on this site! I’ll start without details!
    Lilies will have me no more, for clarity, size put manekyurnye scissors. And so, doing just such kapelku- next tab, fill droplet string ..

Like this..

While lepestochek crude, giving it a shape like this terrible instrument of the bending wire))

For the first series I’m doing 3 petals and gives them shape.

Curl here is a circle, I rented a file and giving the finger dent convex shape

Now, in a depressed circle, smeared it with glue Titan pasted petals.

Here is a flower of three petals .. further spread three droplets and did not give them shape under pressure and once glued in flower making a second series ..

Second row.

Curl small ulitochku and paste it in the middle of a.

Similarly, I do another 2 flower. In my basket Place the 3 and 4 flower bud.

When the flowers are almost ready, I took a black felt-tip pen and caused the dots to the similarity with this flower)) .. And such kanopatiki I get!))

Now we make the stamens and pistil, for I took the pestle green twine, well in advance coated with adhesive Titan, for rigidity. Cut off a small piece and glue already on the hot glue in the center of the flower!

At the tip of the pistil glue small otrezochek cinnamic twine.

Now do the stamens. Cut 5 otrezochkov (on Photo6, was more than 1, it is placed in the flower 5) pre-greased cord with glue and dried-up stiffness .

Paste it in the middle around the pistil.

On the stamens as glue brown otrezochki twine (best to use tweezers!)

And the flowers are ready .. .. Do buds

To do two droplets bud slightly dlinshe and narrower than the petals!

Remove from the file give shape to the boat ..

Glue pumps, connecting them. While boats are wet, they stick together.

I make the floor as revealed bud. To do this, first I make two orange boat and glue them, then two green boats and paste them on the orange orange tip leaving open

Buds ready for a hot glue pasting otrezochki wire as it pierced the little buds below.

All the flowers and buds are ready, begin to collect.
Cut the foam to the Inland deametru basket and insert it inside.

Like this. The foam and I’ll stick the flowers.

For decoration I use here such decor sackcloth, from the rest of the bouquet presented to me, come in handy)) in the household)

Glued sack

In the center of the basket I stick the floor as revealed bud dropping a hot glue and poke through the foam

Instead of foliage I raspatrashila piece of burlap and received just such a grass.

Bonding on the grass in the right places ..

Clay first flower, the main flowers at me without a wire, I glue them to the side of the basket.

Glue the second ..

The view from the side in the first two flowers, beauty)

The third..

Sticks buds!

Done !! Now showing off !!!