Craft Decoration Sewing

I sew curtains

Today I want to show you the process of laying like these folds

First, we need to determine the size of the “wrinkles”.

1. curtains (AF size) to measure the length, in the event that the folds are all over the window. If folds like in this photo then define the desired size.
2. Determine the length of AB. Here you need to pay attention to the location of windows and balcony doors (if any): folds should not interfere with the opening.
3. Measure the length of the CD. The dimensions AB and CD may be equal, but I love it when the bottom folds are not smooth. CD size of 20 cm min must be greater than AB.

We have obtained, e.g., BC = 2 m + 3 multiply by 15 cm, length = 6.15 m, AB = 15 cm, CD = 50 cm.
AB and CD are perpendicular to the sun is required.

Spread the fabric, the sun necessarily shared by the threads, we measure AB and CD, connect points A and D line segment, I use my bar, you can pull a thread.

6.15 m … of course you can buy as much fabric, but this trust is expensive, and a lot of excess remains.
For example, the fabric has a width of 3 m and 6.15 m, we need to measure off-CD, and A1B1 is greater than the desired 15 cm. Cut off by drawn by line. remaining tissue on A1B1 (!!! uppercut in the fabric necessary for equity) and mete out the missing 3.15 m, note the point B is measured and connect AB A1A

Now sew 2 pieces of folded fabric right side facing, as in the photo

Smoothes the seam allowance so that the larger closed lower. Buckle and stitched by inside out (so do on bedding). side trim (in the folds is almost negligible)

This is the front side

Cut the lower corner D

Handle CD and DA piping. Bakey sews from the wrong side.

Bakey turned away on the front side, basting and stitched by

Now we will lay the fold.
Use the bar, wrote about it in the first MK.Otmechayu segments equal to the width of a crease, I have 10 cm.

From right to left along the front side of the needles pinned Area ‘C’, the following needle on the label = 10 cm

Back to the first needles, pin up almost in the same place where the first needle (needle 3)

Again, going back to the second needles

4th needle on the second label = 2 folds width

Again we return to the second needles (5th needle in nearly the same place as the second), and so continue until the end of cloth …

That is almost ready and

Now we have to celebrate the end folds. The width of pleated fabric should be equal to the downward perpendicular VS.Opuskaem VA.
In paragraph 10 MK AB we were not treated with bias binding region, just in case, if the wrinkles have a difference of a few mm.Teper finish the job (see p.9-12)

Sewn folds over the needles and can be trained

Our folds ready.