Craft Decoration

How do I make a strawberry

Good evening!
Today will tell you how I’m doing here a strawberry. All very easy and simple!

– paper strips;
– PVA glue;
– semolina;
– wire;
– teip tape or corrugated paper.
To get the strawberries of about 1.8 cm. By 1.8 cm. I took 8 strips of 3 mm. length 29 cm. for the upper part 7 and the strips of 3 mm. length 29 cm. for the lower berries.
I took for clarity, red stripes, in principle, you can take and a different color, it’s still going to paint the future.
Glue the strips in a long strip and twist the 2 roll.

Next, attach the form of berries role inside.

The inside thoroughly coat with glue.

Glue the two halves. They are very well suited to each other.

We ran across our berry on a toothpick.

Cover the berries with white glue.

Take semolina and dip it in our procurement.

Anchoring a toothpick on the foam. Give the dry and start to paint.

I paint the contours of the tissue, and can be acrylic paints, they give live shine and do not spoil the texture of berries. I tried to paint ordinary gouache – the effect is not the same.

I decided to make a not quite ripe strawberries, so I paint it green, yellow and then red.

Yellow paint with a toothpick draws yellow flecks.

Here they are beautiful, and I want to eat.

To take stems wire and winding it teip-tape or corrugated paper.

Cut the leaves corrugated paper. I cut into the eye.

We do in the middle of the hole to insert the stem. The strawberries have a hole, remember, from toothpicks.

Putting It All Together.

That’s all there is left to add the leaves!

thank you very much to all Newbie! I hope my experience will come in handy.